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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Pirates

Member Story
"Tag, you're it!" said a 13-year-old boy named Ahmed.
"No, I hate playing tag in water!" said another 13-year-old boy named Hamza.
Hamza and Ahmed were identical twins. They both loved adventures. But they didn't know what adventure they would get today.
"Let's see who can stay underwater longer.  I'll go first, 1...2...3!" said Ahmed, diving into the water.
"1 alligator, 2 alligator, 3 alligator, 4 alligator, 5 alligator...Ahmed I think that is enough," said Hamza calling Ahmed.
"Ahmed! Ahmed, come up! You won!" said Hamza worriedly.  Just then Ahmed came up.
"You won't believe what I saw!" said Ahmed.
"What?" asked Hamza.
"I found an old boat!" said Ahmed diving down again.
"Oh well," said Hamza, diving into the water.
When they came down, they saw a boat with a flag on it that had crossed bones. Hamza came closer and found an old paper. He came out of the water and started to read it.

Dear journal,                                                                    7/3/1923
The wind today is really bad. I personally think that we won't make it. We just hid our treasure in this place called Delaware. I hope no one finds it. The way to the treasure - You find 1 big rock with 3 small rocks next to it and take ten steps from there.

"Wow!" said Ahmed.
"I am so happy!" said Hamza.
"Why?" said Ahmed.
"Remember we have one big rock and three rocks next to it in our backyard!" said Hamza.
"Awesome!" said Ahmed.
They followed the directions from their backyard and got shovels and started to dig and finally hit something. They opened it and found so much gold. They we really happy and got to buy whatever they wanted.